Green Technology

The environment is becoming evermore highly important in the global view and is going to affect more and more activities related to energy production, industry and transportation. IMO regulations, that will soon come into force, will render necessary the adjustments on the existing marine systems and in this sense Eastproject offers turnkey solutions, both to adapt the existing fleet and for new constructions.

IMO Regulations for Tier II /Tier III

In the naval field Eastproject is able to design modifications on board – on a "turnkey" basis – to provide and commission the systems able to meet the new standards by installing a system of exhaust gases treatment, bringing the NOx emissions to the level required by the rules. Eastproject has developed an emission control system with funnel sensors to record and transmit data, taking into account future "E.C.A. Zone" enforcement. Exhaust gases treatment system by urea to be aligned with TIER III, proposed by Eastproject, is European technology.

Ballast Water Treatment

Through ballast water, ships are the main carriers of marine micro-organisms. For this reason, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has developed and adopted the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships' Ballast Water Treatment. Eastproject is able to provide ballast water treatment systems, with appropriate certification of the major Naval Registers, respecting Class Regulations parameters. Proposed systems are particularly suitable to be integrated on the existing ships. The system is modular and can be mounted, after appropriate study, according to the available spaces. Eastproject is a dealer for sale and installation of the above mentioned system on a "turnkey" basis.


Eastproject has developed a "turnkey" project for LNG supply (filling system, tank, heating system, re-gasification and piping, up to feeding new generation engines, dual fuel and methane mono-fuel) in collaboration with a Spanish group, leader in methane transportation and distribution. The documentation has already been produced for evaluation and approval by Class Register. Eastproject has already developed an integration project of terminal escort tug gas for a client shipyard in Singapore (typical section here attached).