Marine Equipment, Engineering & Construction

Eastproject specialises in the engineering and manufacture of onshore and offshore equipment. This includes delivering complete projects, from development to delivery; and meeting the standards of the competitive oil and gas market.
We are able to provide various types of heavy equipment, designed and manufactured with advanced technology in the most complex materials.
We serve the market with innovative solutions that include the turnkey supply of equipment, international field support and development of next-generation solutions. The company has the experience and expertise to supply complete manufacturing plants.
Eastproject is specialised in offshore engineering, marine engineering , marine and naval consultants, marine equipment and offshore equipment supplies.
Eastproject operated globally serving our worldwide customers, including shipyards, offshore ship-owners, offshore operators and suppliers of marine equipment , marine systems and services. We can source and supply new and second hand marine equipment , offshore equipment , pipelay equipment.
We arrange modifications and upgrades in order to meet customers requirements.

Our Services Include:

- Marine engineering and Offshore engineering
- Supplies on a "turn key basis" of
     Pipelay equipment
     Offshore marine equipment
     Heavy duty marine equipment
     Offshore winches for all purposes such towing winch mooring winches anchor handling winches
     single or double drum and multidrum
     Capstans with electro or hydraulic drive and windlass
     Offshore marine deck crane including active heave compensated units
     Marine generator sets
- Marine equipment for vessels:
     Valves system
     Underwater valves
     Waterproof actuated valves
     Marine pneumatic valves
     Remote control ballast valve system
     Hydraulic power units
     Ballast valve system
     Ball valves for stinger
     Underwater valves for stinger ballasting
     Stinger and stinger control
     Stinger control room
- Mooring winches system, ramp and stinger supply
     For the pipelay barge, we handled the supply of special equipment, including the design and construction of mooring winches system in cooperation with an Italian manufacturer; lay ramp and underwater control equipment for stinger; and weather-tight valves for mooring wires.

140T Mooring Winches Single Drum

140 Tons Mooring Winches Single Drum - 1500 m wire diam 62 mm
Installed onboard the Derrick Lay barge - Armada Installer

140t winch single drum

9t Capstain

Supply of vertical capstans electrical driven 9 tons at 5m/min installed on barge

PULL: 9 tons at 5m/min; 4,5 tons at 10 m/min
ELECTRIC MOTOR: 15/9 KW;IP 55 2 speed (4/8 poles) self braking
CLASS: Russian Maritime Register of Shipping

9t Capstain

"Built In" Hydraulic power units for checking and controlling ballast valve systems on barges

Hydraulic power unit with circulation tank and two pumps serving double acting actuators for:
n.2 ND 350 PN 16 butterfly valve and 58 ND 350 butterfly valves
n.60 solenoid valves built-in cabinet abt 2000 x 2000 x 400mm

  • Electric power supply 220V 50 Hz, 24v DC supplied by transformer
  • Electric panel
  • Graphic synoptic control panel for remote control
  • Location: pump room
  • Classification: RMRS

It can be delivered with analogical panel or digital touch screen operating panel

Hydraulic power unit - closed

Hydraulic power unit - open

Stinger control room

2009 - Bumi Armada - Malaysia
Derrick lay barge Armada Installer
Stinger control room

Stinger control room 1

Stinger control room 2

Stinger control room 3

Stinger control room 4

Underwater ball valve for stinger ballasting

Underwater ball valve for stinger ballasting

Underwater ball valve 1

Underwater ball valve 2

T Beam Welding Line

Keppel Shipyards: Singapore & Qatar
Engineering and foundation drawings for purchase and installation of equipment for T Beam Welding Line.

T Beam Welding Line 1

T Beam Welding Line 2