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A great revolution in the defence of quays and a real alternative to usual fenders. TITANO™ is a new patent fender, innovative in design, performance and docking logic. TITANO™is safer and faster docking compared to other fenders, avoiding cable stranding problems.


DIMENSION: (as a part)
Dome diameter - 1300mm
Height - 700mm
H1 - 150mm
H2 - 250mm
Diameter A - 550mm




Density (Hardness):
It has an adjustab le range in relation to load.
Range from 0 to 200 tons



Windmill DP2 Offshore Installer

ABS/DNV : *A1(E), OFFSHORE Support Vessel;
Self Elevating Unit; +AMS, +ACCU, Dynpos DP2;

Modular Vessel Windmill Offshore Installer;
Capable of operating in a maximum water depth of 45,00 m

Length O.A approx. - 156m
Length B.P approx. - 138m
Breadth approx. - 37.5m

80 people

Diesel Electric System:
6 x 2.7 MW

Electric Power Plant:
Diesel electric system 6.6KV 50Hz 415V 50Hz 230V 50Hz

Dynamic Postion System:
Type: DP2

Windmill Capacity:
up to 6 offshore complete windmills
3 MW each vessel
Max. payload of 4,500 tons

Windmill DP2 Offshore Installer

550 Ton Deepwater Flexible Cable Lay DP3 (Conversion Project)

Length O.A - 164.5m
Length B.P - 151.7m
Beam - 30.0m
Depth (at new main deck) - 12.0m
Draft operation max. - 9.0m
Loading Draft max. - 8.0m
Deadweight approx. - 14.000 tons

140 People


550 Ton Deepwater Flexible Cable Lay DP3 (Conversion Project)

550 Ton Deepwater Flexible Cable Lay DP3 (Conversion Project)

Offshore Support Vessels that use liquefied gas (LNG) as fuel.

In order to meet the environmental present sound and help ship-owners, and cutting the costs - EASTPROJECT is expanding its offering projects in offshore support vessel that use liquefied gas (LNG) as fuel.
Since 2007, Eastproject engineering innovation team , turned its focus to tugs and supply vessels fuelled with LNG and bi-fuel. Since the largest portion of vessel emissions is responsible of pollution in harbour zones and ports, the environmental concern is presently increasing very fast.

Many people think that tugs help bigger ships in and out port, there are many class of tugs with different characteristics small, easily-manoeuvrable harbour tugs to large ocean-going vessels. After a full review of tug operations, Eastproject decided to concentrate on escort tug 32 to 36 m length and supply vessel DP2 class abt 70 m.
On tugs , using LNG fuel , technically for consumption and emissions , the diesel electric solution is the best for all technical involvements:

  • location of LNG storage
  • reduction of the emission in the diesel electric compare to the traditional shafts.

The project regarding East project's LNG tugs take into account even the future solution of hybrid and necessary spaces for the future installation of batteries.

HT36 LNG Tug


We've also developed LNG ferries for Mediterranean, but also in other ships that use LNG and/or dual fuel.
By employing natural gas as fuel, the potential pollution to water and harmful exhaust emissions could be substantially reduced, making the water bound transportation even more environmentally friendly. This paper is dealing with the technical challenges and the safety aspects related to introducing natural gas as fuel in passenger ships.

LNG Ferry 1

LNG Ferry 2


In the last six years, Eastproject has studied the shallow water operation aspects of the North Caspian Sea and shallow water mouth river and bush environment gas and oil operation, researching equipment  capable to work with a very low draft.
Based on its findings,  Eastproject  has developed all operational spread aspects on air cushion support barge concept.

Using Hovertran‘s existing air cushion technology Eastproject  is able to  complete the air cushion platform to lay steel pipes and flexible hoses with a  considerably daily production 
Eastproject has also studied all support spread manoeuvering, like hover barge feeders, accommodation compound, piling and floating mooring spread, drilling platform, in very shallow water and swamp conditions that no other equipment can cover .

Pipelay Hoverbarge